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1/20/24 - 2/25/24

The Mansfield Art Center

Mansfield , OH


‘Root Beer Float’ is a dreamy trip into the simple pleasures of childhood. Objects that trigger nostalgia in adults. Taking us back to a simpler time where depression, bills and monotonous feeling life takes on after a certain age is nonexistent. This body of work captures the vibrant and bubbly nature of young children before adolescence. A fleeting moment that will never return, a memory of what once was. I remember very insignificant things that now come to me with a wave of emotion, a longing for someone I used to be. Things as simple as a distinct chlorine and laundry smell bring me back to when I was 7, wet from my neighbor's blue inflatable pool, eating ice cream as I sit with a damp towel on the living room carpet watching pokemon. I see halloween decorations in the store and I can remember the feeling of excitement, a flutter in my chest, an anticipation for a great event of one night of dressing up with friends and gathering candy. The smell of pumpkin warmed by a candle’s flame follows us throughout the neighborhood. I can't remember conversations we had but I remember the feeling, the look, the smell. The memories blur together to create an amalgamation of true happiness. Happiness felt so easy, it came so naturally. 


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