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8/18/23 - 9/29/23

River House Arts



My paintings resonate traditional painting with a modern twist, past and present come together, creating a whimsical realism. Weirdore has become the core to my art, making use of the disjointed mix of images and text, rendering a childlike playfulness in color with a strong use of pink. The overall atmosphere is calm but slightly unnerving. Themes of depression, heartbreak and struggle to move on from past events whether good or bad. My works are biographical, hitting on events that I struggle to forget, feelings and thoughts. My body has grown and I feel different everyday, stuck in the memories of my childhood and naive pure happiness that I can never go back to. The logical side of me understands that these are things I can never return to, but my subconscious plays it in my mind like a record player, each play scraping and skewing the memory, but the core feelings remain. A sense of loss and longing friends that are gone, family that have passed and places and objects that my entire being craves. But the craving is not and might not ever satiated. Only mental bandages and filler of mindless distractions ease the past haunting me. 


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