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2020 studio practice, see the process of painting from start to finish of artworks. As well as the home perspective to see the daily life of the artist. 

"I decided to start recording and take my camera where I went, even filming myself into the night as I slept. I wanted to give people the chance to see how I work. I live, sleep and breathe art. This 24/7 creative lifestyle is everything I am, I wouldn't have it any other way."

2021 studio practice, In All My Dreams I Drown time-lapse. Side work on two already started portrait paintings, Intent and Disillusioned.

In All My Dreams I Drown, 77"x77",oil on canvas

Intent, 48"x24",oil on canvas

Disillusioned, 48"x24",oil on canvas

2021 building stretchers,

work on underpainting.

Inside look at how I create my canvas from start to finish. Wood work in the fabrication studio and gessoing. Painting on other canvas as I wait for layers of gesso to dry.

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